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Featured Artists

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Wells Fargo Stage

12:00 Chris Galinato
12:10  D’Dreamgirls
12:17 SinagTala Ensemble
1:02 ZCrew
1:20 Chloe Villegas
1:47 Makamae Melia O’Polynesia
2:20 Joey Guila

3:02 Divo  Bayer

3:34 Biscal Ladies

3:43 Alvin Acosta Sisayan and   Christine Landiza Jones

3:50   Vai Pu’e Here

4:07 Divo Bayer

4:38 Art  Bagtas

Park West/Lotus Casino Stage

10:30 Alex Dadal Jazz Player
12:00 Miriam Pantig
12:30 Singing / Band Contest
4:00 DJ Gee and Fiesta Dancers

Seafood City Stage

10:00 Alfred Cereno
11:00 Christopher’s Puppet Snow
11:45 Children’s Games
12:50 Tinikling Exhibitions
1:00 Line Dancing
2:25 Hip Hop Exhibition-ZKrew, Biscal Ladies,A Squared
3:00 Hip Demo- Jaju and Crew

Northern California Largest Car Show
Full Contact Stick Fighting (Eskrima) Tournament

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